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Password and Account

How do I reset my password?

To reset your password visit the Login Page and click on the “Forgot your password?” link.


On the “Forgot Your Password?” page, enter the email address associated with the user account and click on the “Reset My Password” button. A new email will be sent to your email account. Click the password reset link in the email. When resetting your password choose a new password. You must create a brand new password even if you remember your old password at this point.

Why didn’t I receive my password reset email?

If a password reset email was never received, please check your email spam folder. You may have used a different email address to create the account. To verify it’s the correct email, search for the “Graduate Application Welcome Email” in your email account. If no welcome email can be found, and all other emails that could be associated with the account have been searched, please contact support for help.

Why is my nickname already in use?

If the error message “Nickname Already in Use” appears when trying to create a new account, an that email was already used to create an account. Try resetting your password instead of creating a new account.

Why is my password reset link not working?

The reset link expires after 24 hours or when clicked. Please request a new password again.

Application System

All applications

Status meter

The status meter provides information about what stage the application is in.

  • Inactive steps are gray
  • Active steps are orange
  • Completed steps are green

Status meter

When a step is completed, the status will change. “In Progress,” “Ready to Submit” and “Submitted” are a few of the different steps that appear on the progress meter.

Why can’t I submit my application?

You can not submit your application if the application system, or the payment process system, is down for maintenance. If they are down, the Application Checklist page will have a message at the top.

If you do not have all the required questions answered you cannot submit your application. The progress of completed questions can be viewed on the “Application Checklist” page. Every section must read 100%, and the overall progress must be 100%, before an application can be submitted. The “Submit Application” button will remain disabled until every section is complete.

Why does the application want me to pay again?

If a payment has been successfully made, and the application has not been submitted, do not attempt to pay again. Please contact support by email and include:

  • What the issue is
  • Confirmation of the payment
  • What program you are applying for

I’m using an old version of Internet Explorer, will the application work for me?

The application system supports Internet Explorer 9 and higher.

Undergraduate student application

Which application system do I need to use?

All new undergraduate applicants, for any term, should apply using our new Admissions Application Toolkit. Corvallis campus applicants that began an application prior to July 26, 2016 can finish their application in the old application system until August 24th, 2016. Bend campus students can continue an old application until September 1st, 2016.

Graduate student application

Why can’t I upload my documents?

Check the type and size of document that is being uploaded. Only .PDF or .TIF files under 10mb are accepted.

Requirements for specific documents can be found in the instructions on the “Document Upload” page of the application. Please upload documents to the application. Documents should not be mailed to the Graduate School through regular mail or email. If you have more than one application documents must be uploaded to both applications.

Why can’t I find my prior college?

Using the search bar under Prior College, type at least four letters for the search to start working.

If the full name of the college has been entered and it cannot be found on the list, type the word “Other” into the same search bar. After “Other” has been entered, select it from the list beneath the search bar. After you select “Other” enter in all of the necessary information regarding their prior college.

Why is the prior college section not complete after I entered in my previous college?

The “Add New” button only needs to be used when entering in more than one college.

If the “Add New” button has been pressed in error, and the application is not showing the prior college section as 100% completed, go back to the prior college section and press the “Remove” button next to “Prior College 2.”

Prior college buttons

In rare occurrences, the prior college section will cease to load. Clicking the “Add New” button too many times can cause this issue. If the prior college section won’t load, please contact support.

Why aren't my documents showing as accepted on the application review page?

Documents take one business day to process. If a full business day has passed, and the document is still not shown as received on the application review page, please contact support.

Why haven’t I, or my reference providers, received an email about my references?

It normally takes about 5-10 minutes before an email is sent to both the applicant and the references.

Some programs do not require references. If a program does not require references, after answering the question, “Do you waive the right to request access to the information provided by your references,” the letter of reference section is completed, and the applicant should click “Save & Continue.” To find out the preference of the program on letters of reference please contact your program.

Non-degree application

Am I submitting the correct application?

Creating a non-degree undergraduate application or a non-degree graduate application is informed by whether or not you already hold an undergraduate degree, not what kind of classes you are going to take (undergraduate or graduate). Even if you submit a non-degree graduate application you can still take undergraduate courses.